Amidst the vineyards of the winery El Esteco and with the breathtaking Calchaquí Valleys in the background, the estate's farmstead – that once belonged to Michel Torino’s family and was founded in 1892 -, is today the soul of this unique hotel that boasts thick walls, corridors with glazed domes, Spanish roof tiles, wrought iron gates, murmuring fountains, colonial water wells and a vast collection of vintage furniture and pictures. A unique and exclusive wine experience in Cafayate. Patios de Cafayate is a must for those who want to enjoy the surrounding landscape, the history and the art of the region, as well as the incredibly welcoming and warm local people.

The hotel’s 32 rooms, located among large colonial-style patios, welcome you with their confort, their roominess and their antique pieces of furniture, but also with the most up-to-date features and services.

The radiant afternoons in the valleys are freshened by neatly kept gadens and a magnificent pool surrounded by arbors bulging with grapes.

A llamas stockyard, from where you can take horseback rides through the vineyards, reaffirm the traditions of the area.

With more than ten years of existence, today the hotel offers a new proposal for our guests to fully enjoy and experience the valley’s culture. A peaceful stay, sunny days, cool evenings, a glass of fine wine an exquisite food. Hillsides that change their colours with sunrise and sunset and a skilled staff that turn this hotel into a perfect place where to live a unique experience in these distant latitudes, the “Calchaquí Valleys”.